Store layout presents overall capabilities and promotes sales.  Can customers easily understand the layout and navigate the store?  The layout should have areas for endcaps, floor displays, counter displays and regular gondola sections.  This creates the framework for merchandise displays. 

My role is to review the store layout and determine best use of floor space, gondolas, endcaps and counters. My experience in store layout will guide you to purposeful designs and customer flows.


Merchandising left to chance and arbitrary placement does not contribute to sales.  Displays organized by categories and subcategories help customers shop.   Merchandising displays of endcaps, floor stacks and counter items increase sales.

My role is to assist making shopping easy for the customer and  use the display areas to your sales advantage. 


Successful merchandising communicates products for sale.  It shouts product, price and availability!  Take advantage of customer traffic in your store.