Implementing the Plan


The product promotion generally falls into three areas: the product on display, signs and posters describing the item and print and electronic media.  Successful promotions take advantage of all three.

My role is to guide you towards appropriate product placement and strong media communication of the promotion.


The store has a variety of areas to display promotional product.  These are endcaps, floor displays (small and large), counter displays and vendor displays.

My role is to match the right products with the display choices.  It is important the store reflect the promotion.


Signs inform customers on the product, price and availability!  Larger print graphics are needed to give the customer visual information as they enter the store.  The content and style  should convey confidence in the customer to purchase your product.

My role is to produce the signs and graphics  giving you high quality format, content and style. 


Promotions are best communicated through tabloids, flyers and posters.   Consistent branding identifies your store and creates a value statement.
Print media is also duplicated in Epub format to allow easy communication over social media, emails and webpages.

My role is to produce quality promotional print and Epub materials reflecting the product, services and capabilities of your store.