Strategic Sales Plans


Starting a plan begins with reviewing the products you want to promote and  communicate availability, competitive pricing and/or store capabilities and services.

Here are some examples.
Increase sales and market share of product categories
Promote individual products 
Introduce a new line or brand of products
Communicate store capabilities

My role is to guide you through your product categories, vendors and inventory providing a clear direction consistent with the overall store marketing plan.


Planning consists of a series of goals and objectives.  These are followed by action plans and implementation.  Often the goals and objectives become “increase sales” which is vague and leads to a “shotgun” approach to planning.

Goals are expressed in general terms.  Example: “become the market leader in product category “X”.  The objectives are more specific and help determine the path to obtain the goal. Example:  Be the “goto” store on the top 10 items in Category “X”.

My role is to guide you through the process so there is a clear direction.  This “upfront” time can take a few minutes or hours depending on the size and scope of the promotion.


Increased sales start with clearly written plans.  My experience in establishing successful selling plans will help you achieve productive sales promotions.